Fusion Worship

Our goal in worship is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to experience the presence of God. 

Our strategy is called Fusion Worship -  traditional liturgy wrapped in a post-modern style. 

The Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, with roots that go back to the Protestant Reformation, is our main liturgical text. We take our format: prayers, Nicene Creed, communion, and the traditional Lord's Prayer straight from the Prayer Book. 

Then we wash it in a fresh, relevant approach geared toward guests and visitors. We explain what we're doing, how to do it, and why we do it. We utilize technology, the internet, current events, and contemporary music to create an exciting, uplifting, transformative worship experience. 

We work hard to make everyone feel welcome so you can participate in worship with us. 

Our Priest - Father Jay

Father Jay is the church planter and only priest to have served Grace in its 14 year history. He and his family moved home to San Antonio in 2008 to start a new kind of Episcopal Church.

Jay and his wife, Jamie, are both from San Antonio. He graduated from Marshall in 1988 and Jamie graduated from MacArthur a year later. They met at Texas Tech (Wreck 'Em!) where Jay studied English and how to get pom-pon girls to go out with him (wait for it...) . Jamie studied Kinesiology and danced on the Pom-Pon Squad. They have been married 29 years and have three children: Addy (Texas Tech), Jacob (UT), and Emily (Texas State).

Jay and Jamie have served as partners in ministry at Grace. Jay serves as the Rector (sr. pastor).  Jamie served as the Formation Minister until answering her own call to the ordained ministry. She now serves at St. Helena's, in Boerne.

About Our Worship

Scroll down to find out everything (we hope!) that you could want to know about worship at Grace.

Location. Dress. Expectations. Children. Communion. And more.

  • worship time

    We are an "ish" kind of people. Worship begins at 10:35ish. Sometimes we start right on time, but most of the time we start a few minutes late. Why? We want to make sure you have time to get there! So if you're running a tad behind, don't sweat it. We'll be ready for you when you get here.

  • worship location

    Grace Church worships in All Saints Chapel on the beautiful campus of TMI-The Episcopal School.  The address is 20955 W Tejas Trail, 78257. Just drive through the gates, up the hill, and into the parking lot. All Saints Chapel is through the parking lot on your left.


  • praise

    Our praise music is guitar driven with multiple other instruments involved - keyboards, drums, bass, flute, and sometimes a violin. We believe praise is something we offer to God together, not sit back and watch others perform. All the lyrics are projected on screens, and the songs are chosen to be easy to sing. So jump in and sing with us!

  • prayers

    We pray during worship. No surprise. But we invite you to pray along with us. And we have a special time of prayer called the Prayers of the People, which is exactly that. One of our servers leads us in praying together, usually with a verse and response. We also have a prayer board for you to add your own prayer requests to be prayed for during worship.

  • Book of common prayer

    The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is the liturgical text for the Episcopal Church. The majority of our worship comes directly from the BCP, though we always use projection rather than actual books. The BCP has roots that run back to 1542 and has been shaping and forming protestant thought, prayer, and worship for centuries.

  • bible

    We believe the Bible is the living word of God. So we read it in worship every Sunday. Father Jay preaches on these Scripture readings. And often times, our Story Groups will study the same Bible passages we encounter in worship. You don't need to bring your Bible to worship, though you certainly may. We encourage everyone to engage the YouVersion Bible App.

  • dress

    Grace Church is a laid-back and casual kind of place. Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable (within reason of course, let's not get carried away). Most people wear blue jeans or shorts. Some folks dress up a bit, and that's okay, too. We never want clothing to get in the way of worship.

  • communion

    The Episcopal Church has an open table for communion. All baptized Christians, no matter your church experience, background, or denomination are welcome to receive communion in the Episcopal Church. Whether or not children receive communion is up to their parents. If you wish to receive communion but have not been baptized, talk with Fr. Jay about baptism.

  • children

    At Grace Church, we expect children to behave... like children. We don't expect them to sit in silence and stillness for an hour. Instead, we offer Children's Ministry during worship geared toward their abilities, interests, and needs. Parents are also welcome to keep their children with them during worship. And if they start to fuss, that's okay. We've all been there.

  • giving

    We do not expect guests or visitors to give at Grace. That would be like inviting someone over for dinner and asking them to pay for groceries! But we do believe giving is important. Obviously, Grace Church needs money to operate. More importantly, giving is a key tool for spiritual growth. At Grace Church, we encourage giving back to God in response to all God has given us.