Grace Staff

Grace Church is staffed by enthusiastic and dedicated followers of Christ! Each of our team members has answered the call to glorify God through their ministry at Grace Church. Not only has the Lord equipped these Gracers to lead our ministry, but He has also empowered them to equip the Grace Church congregation in serving these ministries as well! Click on the pic to email a staff member.


    MINISTER OF SOUND - clark '84

    Lance is by far the coolest guy on staff. He runs the sound board and makes our band sound even better than they are. Lance loves riding his Harley, rocking out to 80's heavy metal (Metallica rulz!), and eating Mexican food. He is married to Elizabeth, our amazing pianist, and they have a son you will see with him at the sound board on Sundays.

    His favorite questions is: Is that loud enough?

  • sharon nelson

    FINANCE MINISTER - N Hardin HS '86

    Sharon is the go-to person for all things financial at Grace. She handles the bookkeeping, online giving, income, outflow and financial statements. Sharon is an Army-brat and an Army-wife and now an Army-mom. She has lived all over the world. She loves football, baseball, and couponing, not necessarily in that order.

    Her favorite question is: How are you doing today?

  • senitta conyers

    CHILDREN'S MINISTER - gov. thomas johnson hs (classified grad date)

    Senitta loves teaching and reading and creating Pinterest boards. She has one young son, Levi. She is an Army-brat who grew up in the Pentecostal Church and brings both of those experiences to her ministry. She is a pescatarian with vegan influences who loves food with flavor. She enjoys meeting new people and listening to Mahalia Jackson, gospel, and contemporary Christian music.

    Her favorite question is: Should I come in Homecoming or Prom attire?

  • andy rodriguez

    music minister - gregory-portland HS '90

    Andy is the music minister and leader of our worship band,  Grace Bound. Andy comes to us from the Vineyard tradition, and knows the difference between performing and leading worship. He is married, with three fantastic kids. He enjoys music, MMA, the Spurs and getting together with friends. And he can play any rock song you know the words to.

    His favorite question is: Why flies?

  • Jay George

    priest & church planter - marshall '88

    Jay is the church planter and sermon monkey at Grace. An ordained Episcopal priest, his passion is helping people connect with God. Jay is married, has three great kids and loves books to an unreasonable degree. He loves music but can't sing. His favorite Merriam-Webster editor is Kory Stamper. He enjoys grammar, football, writing and dating his wife. 

    His favorite questions is: What if...?


    if you know someone who would be a good youth minister, send us an email and tell us about him or her. 'cause we are looking for the right person.

  • Lisa Dehart


    Lisa is our lead in the Grace Church office. She handles all communications - Grace Weekly, worship handouts, social media and texts. She also manages the calendar, wrangles the database and does her best to keep Father Jay organized. Lisa is the kind of mom you let your kids spend the night with.

    Her favorite question is: I wonder what would change?


The Vestry is the group of elected laypeople who help lead Grace. They make decisions, create the vision, approve the budget, and serve the people of Grace.  With members from varying backgrounds and experiences, our Vestry exists to help every person who walks through our doors feel welcome and help every voice that speaks to be heard. 

  • Davis Phillps

    sr. warden

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  • terry snow

    jr. warden

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  • claudia monsalvez clark


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  • Mike monroe

    vestry member

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  • riva heron

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  • billy lorillard

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Sunday Team Leaders

Our Sunday Teams help make worship happen. They serve on Sundays to prepare, welcome, and lead us in worship. They work behind the scenes and up in front. Most team members serve about once-a-month, and we literally could not do worship without them. Sunday Teams are a great way to get to know people and an even better way to live our your Faith.


    A/V TEAM

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  • monica snow


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  • joseph guandolo


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  • CLAUDIA monsalvez CLARK


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  • Riva Heron


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