Ministry Teams

We have no committees at Grace Church. Committees meet and talk and waste everyone's time. Instead, we have teams. 

Teams work together to accomplish a goal. Every team at Grace has a purpose, a leader, and a job description. 

Teams are the strategy we employ to carry out our mission and ministry.

  • Pastoral care TEAM

    Led by LISA DEHART

    Our Pastoral Care Team consists of trained Community of Hope lay chaplains. Their mission is to visit the sick, befriend the lonely, and care for the dying. They walk with people through difficult times and love them through it all. If you would like to receive a visit from a lay chaplain, please email Lisa DeHart.

  • Fellowship TEAM


    Our Fellowship Team plans, coordinates, and hosts all of the fellowship events at Grace. If you like hosting parties, then you might want to join this team. They have a lot of fun working together. Find out what our upcoming Fellowship Events are on our Calendar Page. Or email Kerry Green for more info.

  • vestry

    Led by Sr. Warden,  DAVIS PHILLIPS

    The Vestry is a group of nine lay people elected by the members of Grace to work with Father Jay to lead the church. Elections are held annually at the parish meeting in January. The Vestry is charged with both temporal and spiritual leadership of the congregation. They meet monthly to carry out their mission. 

  • audit TEAM


    The Audit Team meets annually to review and audit the books, accounting practices, and financial procedures of Grace Church. As the Treasurer, Melanie is not part of the audit team, but she gathers the team and sets them to work. Their mission is to insure that Grace Church finances are sound and transparent.

  • jr. warden team

    Led by Jr. Warden, RON OURS

    The Jr. Warden of the Vestry is responsible for the care and maintenance of the buildings and grounds of the congregation. Obviously, this is more than one person can handle. So we have put together a team of people who know how to fix things, or can call a professional in to help. If you can mow a yard, you can serve here.

  • prayer team


    The Prayer Team at Grace prays regularly for our community and our leaders. They also pray for specific requests given by individuals. If you are a praying person and would like to join the Prayer Team, or if you have a specific request for which you desire prayer, please contact Tammy Nicholson.