Join the Disciple Class of 2023!

The really interesting thing about Disciple is that we never know if we will have it.

We begin each year hoping and planning to have a Disciple Group.

But we recognize that only God's Spirit can move people to commit to Disciple.

Disciple is not up to us. It is up to God. And it is up to you.

Disciple is not your average Bible Study. It is hard. It is hard because the time commitment is so high. And it is hard because it exposes you to God's Word in ways you have likely not experienced before. You will wrestle with deep questions. And you will find yourself sharing your life with those in your group. 

Disciple is not for everybody. But Disciple is for anybody.

Disciple is for anybody willing to make a 34 week commitment to reading the Bible one hour per day, six days a week, and attending at least 30 of 34 small group sessions.

Disciple is for anybody who wants to grow and mature in their relationship with Christ.

Disciple is for anybody who wants to know the Bible better, who wants to read and engage the stories of Scripture, who wants to hear God speak through God's Word.

Disciple is for anybody who has considered themselves a "christian" for years but has never encountered the living God in a way which transforms their life and relationships.

Disciple is for anybody new to Faith who seeks to know God more fully.

Meet the Class of 2022 Disciples

Last year our Disciple Groups doubled. The Saturday group of Senitta Conyers, Andy Rodriguez, and Andrew Rodriguez was led by Aubrey Tolentino and Riva Heron. The Wednesday group of Monica Snow, Bill Cruse, Lisa DeHart, and Elizabeth Stoops was led by Davis Phillips and Mike Monroe. And now last year's participants will once again become this year's leaders! 

Meet the Class of 2021 Disciples

Riva Heron, Aubrey Tolentino, Mike Monroe and Davis Phillips started Disciple in 2020. They loved it so much that last year they led Disciple groups. This year, they are moving on to create a Disciple II group.


Disciple is a commitment you make with yourself, God and others in the group to spend daily time reading the Bible and sharing insights, questions and your life with the group in a weekly meeting.  It sounds like a huge time commitment and I can tell you that all of us that started Disciple in the fall of 2020 had fears about that.  What we have found is that by honoring our commitment we have wanted to spend more time in the Bible and more time with each other because it brings all of us JOY.  

Disciple is not going to be like a traditional Bible study or a women’s Bible study.  Instead of having a teacher, you “teach” each other.  Yes, it is helpful to have some Bible knowledge, but this group is about more than knowledge (and you will get a lot of that).  The Bible is a living book. By the power of the Holy Spirit,  God speaks to everyone who reads it.  The problem is that the Bible is complex and many of us don’t listen/interpret well.  We need community to fully hear what God is saying to us.  This group became that community for those of us that made the leap of faith and signed on for Disciple last year.

The little details you may still wonder about……  when will the group meet? What time? Where, etc.? These questions are answered by each group. In 2020, we had one group which met on Saturday afternoon. In 2021, we had two groups: one met on Saturday afternoon, the other met on Wednesday evening.  Within reason, we will meet the needs of the people that want to make a commitment to participate.  You will spend approximately 1 hour a day reading the Bible and reflecting on what you read with the help of the Disciple Book.   You can be a new believer that feels like you know nothing (but believe me, you WILL be surprised at what you know) or you can be a life-long Episcopalian (and you might be surprised by what you DON’T know about the Bible.)  

Disciple will begin in early/mid-September 2022.