Our Mission

Connecting people to Christ, self, and others.

The "why" really is that simple at Grace Church.

As a Christian community, Grace Church strives to live out

the two great commandments of Jesus,

"Love God. Love people." 

This is why we get out of bed in the morning. 

This is why we worship, why we pray, why we give.

This is why we serve others and each other.

It's about relationship, not religion.

Religion is humanity's attempt to connect with God.

Relationship is God's strategy for connecting with us.

We connect with Christ

through worship, Story Groups, Bible study, service and mission.

We connect with self

in Story Groups, ministry and mission.

We connect with others

in fellowship, connection lunches and Story Groups.

We invite you to join this journey with us,

that together we might

connect with Christ, self, and others.


Our vision is to create a church which impacts

the community through authentic partnerships.

Four Core Values


If you ain't havin' fun, you're doin' it wrong. 

Every Sunday is a mini-Easter. 

We celebrate the Eucharist. We share the Word of God. 

We give God thanks and praise. We embrace the joy of our redemption.


We value relationship, not religion. 

An authentic connection with God and others beats empty religiosity 100 times out of a 100. 

We're not interested in appearing religious; 

we're interested in connecting with God in a way that actually matters.


The only things that don't grow are dead. 

We encourage and enable people to grow into the person God created them to be. 

It's not about becoming an entirely different person, 

it's about discovering who you really are, after all.


"You can serve and not be a follower of Christ; 

but you cannot be a follower of Christ and not serve."  

Put your faith in action. 

Give back from what God has given you.  

Don't just sit there, do something.