General Guidelines for Public Worship at Grace

Please click HERE for full In-person Worship plan.

Worship Space

  • Screening & Check-in will take place outside the chapel before volunteers or guests are allowed to enter
  • Screening – temperature check using touchless forehead scanning thermometer, verbal health questionnaire, stickers given to those who pass the screening, stickers required to be worn visibly in order to enter chapel
  • Check-in – Grushers will welcome guests and guide them to a specific seating area based on the number of people in their party (similar to restaurant seating), with the goal of seating people at the front of the chapel first so guests don’t have to walk past seated families in order to reach their seating area
  • Public worship space will be thoroughly cleaned by Grace volunteers prior to worship
  • Restroom will be sanitized
  • Door handles will be sanitized
  • Chapel seating will be sanitized
  • Worshippers will enter chapel ONLY through two open front doors
  • all other doors will remain locked
  • appropriate signage will be placed on locked doors
  • locked door handles will be covered with plastic bags
  • Front doors will be held open by Grushers to minimize physical contact
  • Grushers will wear masks and gloves while serving
  • Only the upstairs chapel space and bathroom will be open to Grace Church
  • We will use sacristy, vesting room, computer booth, sanctuary, nave, and upstairs bathroom
  • We will not use the altar rail, high altar, or altar seating
  • We will not use choir area, piano, or organ – as usual
  • Rows of chairs will be blocked off and labeled as “not for use” in order to create a 6 foot distance between seating areas
  • Upon entering the chapel, household units will be guided to designated rows with seating available for the number of people in their group.
  • 6 feet worth of empty chairs will separate household units in a given row
  • These empty chairs will be marked as “not in use”
  • Worshippers MUST stay within their designated space for the duration of their visit
  • Access to upstairs bathrooms will be available, as needed
  • Each household unit will be six feet away from all surrounding household units
  • No food or drink will be provided by Grace Church
  • Every item, including trash, worshippers bring to worship MUST be taken home by them (anything left behind will be assumed to be contaminated and thrown away)