Children's Ministry

Sunday School To-Go

During this time of Social Distancing we are having to reimagine what Children’s Ministry looks like. I am now communicating with parents through email. If you are not apart of this email list but would like to be, please email me, Lancy McClain, at and I'll make sure you are included. In an effort to try to make things easier for us all, I have created a google folder that you will be able to access at any time through this link: 

Each week a new lesson will be added, as well as making sure the previous week's lessons are still available. These lessons will include:

  • The story,
  • Three different puzzles (one for each age group)
  • A craft, and
  • A game.
  • Other resources included are snack ideas, scripts to act out the Story, and a family devotional guide.

Look forward to special activities for Palm Sunday and Easter.  

Enter His Gates!

As we enter Holy Week, look forward to some special activities, beginning with April 5, 2020, Palm Sunday.

We are inviting all parents and children to create their own Palm Branches and then record a video of everyone waving the palm branches and shouting Hosanna. 

Email the videos to Nancy Stinson at by 5 pm on Friday April 3, 2020.  And the best part . . . we'll show the videos before our online church service on Palm Sunday.

Children's Minister - Lancy McClain

Lancy McClain loves kids. I mean she really loves kids. Like flew-across-the-ocean-to-be-a-nanny-in-Australia loves them. Teaches swim lessons loves them. Spent twenty years working in her mom's children's ministry program loves them. That's right, she's a 2nd generation Children's Minister. That's how much she loves kids.

Sure, we stole her from the Methodists. But the Methodists started out as Anglicans, anyways (check your facts). Lancy has been with us for about a year, and has already made a huge impact. Her charge has been to take our Children's Ministry to the next level. She has already begun to do so by adding new nursery caregivers, brining on more Sunday school teachers, and implementing new teaching and curriculum.

About Our Children's Ministry

We have three goals for our Children's Ministry program. 

We want every child who comes to Grace to know these three things:

Jesus loves them

stories in the Bible

Grace is their church, too

Our Children's Ministry currently consists of three age groups:

Nursery (0-2)

Little Kids (3-5)

Big Kids (6-11)

As the number of children in our program increases, we plan to further divide the age groups.

Sunday School takes place DURING worship. All children are invited to participate. But it is perfectly acceptable for them to stay with their parents in worship, as well (though it's not as fun). We have coloring bags available for the kids who stay in worship. 

All of the older children (Littles & Bigs) are brought into worship before communion.

Upon request, Nursery children may remain in the Nursery throughout the entire service.

Nursery - ages 0-2

We love babies at Grace Church. And we have a ton of them. Some days it seems like there are babies everywhere you look. And that's awesome! We have a separate nursery just for the little ones. 

We maintain a 3-1 ratio of caregivers to children, and we never have less than 2 caregivers in a room at a time. All of our caregivers are Safeguarding God's Children certified by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

You can check out our Nursery Policy here.

Little Kids Sunday School - ages 3-5

Little kids deserve the chance to encounter God on their level. This is why we provide age-appropriate teaching, games, and snacks in Little Kids Sunday School.

We provide a safe, fun, learning environment for children in a way that fits with who they are this stage in their lives.

We maintain a 4-1 teacher to child ratio. And all of our Sunday school teachers are Safeguarding God's Children certified by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

Big Kids Sunday School - ages 6-11

Big Kids Sunday School is a lot like Little Kids Sunday School, only bigger. Bigger games, deeper teaching, more reading, more fun. If you can't have fun in Sunday school, then you're doing it wrong.

We maintain a 4-1 teacher to child ration in Big Kids Sunday School. All of our teachers are Safeguarding God's Children certified by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

Children Dance in Worship

Every Sunday we close our worship by inviting the children to come up and sing, dance, and play musical instruments.

We want our kids to know that Grace Church is not just their parents church; it is their church, too.

So we expect kids to behave... like kids.